Welcome to John Wood Massage Therapy and Bodywork in Annapolis

Welcome to John Wood Massage Therapy and Bodywork in Annapolis

About John

Professional Bodywork

Treating Professional Athletes, Runners, Golfers, USN, Desk Jockeys and people like you since 1999. 

Potomac Massage Training Institute graduate. (PMTI)

Board Certified and State Licensed.

Specializing in:

Deep Tissue, Sports and Assisted Stretching, Specific Work for Pain Management and Re-Hab.


30 minute treatment - $60

60 minute treatment - $95

90 minute treatment -$130

Contact Me

Better yet, see me in person!

Occasionally same day appointments may be available to help with pain management. Please call and leave me a message. I will call you back as soon as possible.


Located on Annapolis Street close to USNA, State Circle and The Ram's Head, between Bean Rush Cafe and Rutabaga's.

Free on street parking.

John Wood Massage

114 Annapolis St. Annapolis, Maryland 21401

301 943-5009



Monday - Thursday: 9am - 6pm

Friday: 9am-4pm

Saturday: 10am-1pm

Sunday: Closed

All Treatments By Appointment Only. 

New clients please call for a consultation.

Drop us a line!



What my clients say

      " John is one of the best massage therapists I have ever met. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that is serious about massage."
R. Petitbon, Local Business Owner

      "One of the things that makes John a great massage therapist is that he listens to your concerns and he asks really great questions. He really tries to zero in on any problem areas with your body." 
J. Firmani

       " I enthusiastically recommend John Wood, and have already done so to friends and family. He knows more massage techniques than most massage therapists I have tried and readily adapts them to your particular circumstances to help your body feel worlds better." 
Rev. E. McLean   

       I've been receiving body work from Mr. Wood for several years now. He is a very experienced massage therapist who excels at deep tissue, sports massage. Ideal for someone who has a past injury or sports related problem. He offers assisted stretching as well. What I like is that he listens to your particular needs and then targets your concerns during the visit. I strongly recommend Mr. Wood as an expert and reputable massage therapist. . He gives a full 60 minutes of quality work (not 50 minutes as offered at some spas), and I always feel improved and stress free after a session. 

D. Hong, M.D.  ( Pediatrician )

     "John is more than a trained massage therapist -- he's a natural physical therapist. He has helped me manage back problems that were disabling before I found him. His therapy lets me stay active and not worry. He starts every session asking, "So what's up?," and I tell him what's aching or not moving right; he listens, he thinks, and then his hands do the rest, finding the trigger points and working them away. He's the guy you want for deep tissue therapy that heals the body and calms the soul."  
John  T.

       "John has been my therapist for a very long time. He has a mindful and intuitive way of addressing your needs and bringing your body into recovery mode. I am a therapist also, and I had an elbow problem, and in one visit, he got me back to work and feeling great. If he can help me, imagine what he can do for you.
If you have pain or chronic body issues, John is your guy." 


       "I know I can count on John to attend to my tight muscles for relief. His techniques target my problem areas quickly. I seek care for neck, lower back, and leg complaints, and any other area that might crop up, and report great success with his care. I would highly recommend his services for both relaxation and for pain relief."
Bonnie  R.

      "I have tried other massage therapists in Annapolis but none quite as knowledgeable or as thorough as John.  When my business has me working in the area I always call John to get the kinks and knots out that driving for long periods of time and using the computer cause. My question is why did I wait so long?"                                                    

Pat H