John Wood Massage and Bodywork
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Annapolis Massage and Bodywork
For Pain Management, Rehab and Well Being.

Making Annapolis a little less stressed one person at a time.

Having trouble with headaches, neck pain, TMJD or range of motion?

I have helped others with these conditions and can probably help you.
Many people have come to me because they have been to spas, salons or franchise types of places and have overpaid for a massage they were not too happy about.  I don't have the overhead cost of a large company and have kept my prices at what is more reasonable for the average Jane and Joe.  You work hard for your money and deserve better than fluff and buff. Not seeing large numbers of people everyday has allowed me to place quality over quantity-where it should be if you are working with people.

I have been providing the best in massage and bodywork since 1999.  I guarantee my work to be what you need. Not all massage therapists are the same-it may be time for you to move it up a notch if you want serious bodywork.

I don't need to be everybody's therapist.  I just want to be yours.
A technique which allows the therapist to work into the deeper layers of musculature and fascia. This is usually performed at a slow pace. The therapist may use their fingers, thumbs, elbows and forearms to assist in releasing chronic patterns of tension.

A blend of deep tissue and sports massage combined with movement and assessment of the muscular structures affecting joint movement. The therapist will try to improve movement of the joint for the client while helping to allow pain free range of motion.


  Great for athletes and people who work out. This is massage for specific muscle groups which may be overtaxed due to the demands of    training.  The approach may be different for pre/post events and can also be applied to help muscles recover from work outs.  


  The therapist helps the client achieve a greater range of motion by manually stretching tense muscles. This can be passive or active movement.  More freedom of movement at the joints is achieved by the lengthening of the muscles surrounding the joints. 


  A deep, specific technique used for pain relief. The therapist may use finger and thumb pressure as well as elbows to get deep into the cause of pain.

Most sessions will be a hybrid of all the above types of massage. For people who want to stay with a particular type of bodywork, their wishes are respected.


 is also available for those employers that would like to reward their employees. This can be set up on a regular basis, or

something  as in an "Employee Appreciation Day". I will come to your place of business with a massage chair to massage the employees. This

helps with employee moral, and gives the workers something to look forward to. Sessions are normally ten to fifteen minutes for each person, and

usually paid for by the employer. For this type of massage I try to keep the jobs local, to reduce travel time and keep the job efficient. For more information give me a call @ 301-943-5009.

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Have you tried BIOFREEZE?  It works to sooth over worked muscles better than any topical analgesic I have ever tried.  Come in for your free sample.  I have the 3 ounce roll-on and the 4 ounce tube which are both colorless @ $12 .



Route 50 east to Rowe Blvd exit. Stay to Right cross over  Weems Creek Bridge and make a Left  at the first light onto Melvin Ave.  Go up to the second traffic light (Blinking Yellow).  You may turn Right onto Annapolis St. or continue straight and park on Melvin Avenue.  Located next to Bean Rush Cafe and Rutabagas Craft Juicery. Signs out front.


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